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23 Important Life Lessons I Learned In 23 Years

August 30, 2020

23 Important Life Lessons I Learned In 23 Years

It has now officially been nearly a week of me being 23!

 I feel really good and confident turning this age. I know there’s the saying, “Nobody likes you when you’re twenty-three!” but I like me! And there has been a lot of important life lessons I have learned throughout these years that I want to share with you in this post!



Keep future plans and goals to yourself:

If it is one important life lesson I have learned over the years (and something I am currently working on) is keeping your plans and goals to yourself. We don’t always need to broadcast what our next move, plan, or ideas are before we set out to achieve them.

Avoid announcing every single step you are about to take on social media, instead tell a few close friends or family members that you know and trust to support you.

Be a man or woman of your word:

Keeping your word with people will make you a reliable and trustworthy individual. When you do what you say and say what you mean, you build a good reputation and strong character. Your actions will not be undervalued.

Time is of the essence:

As I am getting older, everyday I am realizing how time really does fly by! And making the most of every moment and using our time wisely is important. I want to try and live by the saying, “Live life as if it was your last day”, because we never know when our time left on this earth will come.

So what are you going to do with your time?

Networking and Communicating:

My mom constantly tells me that “It’s all about who you know” and that statement couldn’t be more true. Certain opportunities can be given to you if you have a network of people you know. If you don’t have a network of people, get out there and start socializing.

Networking and communicating with people really helped me in college. I attended several events, and met a lot of interesting people. 

Life happens when you are busy making other plans:

As I was searching for random answers on Quora about “Life”, I came across this phrase, which resonated with me.

I am a huge planner and I love to think and plan things out (even though, I may not be the best at it) If you are a Virgo like me!! Then you know how we tend to be perfectionists, analyzers and deep thinkers.

 We can plan our whole lives out to the T, but we must be flexible when things don’t go as planned. And that can be a good thing! Life is unexpected, challenging, but beautiful.


Since graduating from college a year ago, I went straight in the workforce working 9-5. It has been a learning experience for me and I’m still trying to navigate my way through adulthood. With that said, I’ve learned how important it is to make enough  money.

I know there is a certain lifestyle I want to live that would require me to earn more money and income is something that really determines how someone can live their lives more comfortably or not.

Don't Wait Around

This! This is the one!

I know this is something we can all relate to, because we have all waited around for someone or something. But we can only take so much waiting.

Personally, I have waited around for numerous of things in my life and it caused me to miss out on opportunities or experiences I could have enjoyed by myself. And I couldn’t blame anyone but myself.

So if you have an urge to do something, do it without waiting around for anyone or anything.

Live life on your terms:

Like my dad always says, ” Do what makes you happy” I’m starting to believe that living life on my own terms equates to success and happiness. Society and the many people in our lives may think they know what is the right way for us to live, but there is no right way only the way you want.

We sometimes may feel pressure from the world around us about when to go to college, when to get married, when to start a family (or why we should or should not do these things) this causes us to be on a timeline that may not be realistic.

[Tweet “I say shut off the noise and opinions of the world and live life on your terms , whatever that looks like to you!”]

Comparisons Suck

Being compared to others by a loved one or a friend,  or comparing yourself to another person sucks. It is the worst feeling ever, you feel like you’re not good enough and you may feel behind. Comparison doesn’t have to happen and it doesn’t need to happen, even though we do it by default at times.

Gratitude for what I have, knowing my own journey and plans help with this.

Judging others doesn't make you any better:

Again, as humans, this is a trait we all have by default. However, watching what I say and think about others is so important. Judging others for their mistakes or choices isn’t fair, and just because something may have happened to someone else doesn’t mean it wont happen to you one day.

I can remember when there were times when I look back in my past and would have probably said, ” Oh I would never do that!” “Or that won’t happen to me!” …. ended up happening to me or I eventually did it.

Doesn’t mean it was necessarily good or bad, its just being mindful of judging others and avoid being a hypocrite.

It's okay to be vulnerable:

Really, its okay. [Tweet “Vulnerability can be a good thing. It is a good thing. You don’t have to be vulnerable all the time, but know that you can be.”]

Fail Fail Fail:

A huge important life lesson! FAIL FAIL FAIL= TRY TRY TRY AGAIN= SUCCESS SUCCESS SUCCESS… That’s all

Experience Rejection often:

Rejection is probably the best thing to happen. I know that may sound a little strange, because no one wants to feel the unbearable pain of being rejected. However, the more often you get rejected the more you know how to deal with it and not take it personal or let it get you down.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think I’ve learned how to take rejection pretty well, you have nothing to lose if you put yourself out there. The worst that can happen is receiving NO as an answer…

Which brings me to my next life lesson!

Saying NO:

Even in 23 years, this is something I am working on doing. Saying no, or even disagreeing with someone or something is okay. And it is important now than ever as we get older to stand up for ourselves.

Ask Many Questions

I remember in school they always told us there is never a dumb question. And being a young adult requires to ask all the questions, because we are transitioning from our adolescent stage to an adult stage. [Tweet “No one has all the answers, but asking the question gets your further along.”]

Self care + Mental health is E-S-S-E-N-T-I-A-L:

Take care of yourself. Making time for yourself. And caring for yourself is ESSENTIAL. Self-care and mental health care can be…

Taking a stroll at the park, seeing a movie, visiting a friend, taking a road trip, having a nice dinner, staying at a hotel, visiting an amusement park. Knowing the activities or things that will bring you joy or comfort is a good start to knowing what you can do to bring yourself back up.

You don't always have to struggle:

I came to my own conclusion that life is meant to be lived, and in my head I have my own version on how life is supposed to be. I think most of us are conditioned that we HAVE to struggle in life to get where we want to be, and it shouldn’t be that way.

Imagination creates:

As a kid I always believed everything and anything is possible, and that this is an abundant world in which we live in. We were created to create, and nothing in this world happened without man or woman imagining it first to bring it to life.

Be Present

I don’t think we truly realize how much we take the present moment for granted. Don’t rush! Be in the moment, because you might miss it.

Reconnecting with someone from your past:

Life can surprise us and there are times we may think we may never be friends with someone, just to end up being their best friends several years later. Maybe you reconnect with your high school crush a decade later and end up marrying them!

Just because someone isn’t in your life now doesn’t mean they wont be later in life. We go through so many changes and periods of our life, that people may fit into our lives better at a different time in which serves a purpose.

Everything starts within:

A key life lesson I have learned is that everything starts from within, and I am more at peace knowing I can be whole by myself and I can bring my own joy and happiness into my life. [Tweet “Our outer world is a mirror of our inner world.”]

Be Patient

Something I make an effort in practicing everyday is patience. Although, I am in my early 20’s sometimes I put pressure on myself and feel like I need to have everything accomplished at once. That’s where my 5 year plan comes in to give myself time to accomplish the most important things during my early and mid twenty’s.

Having A 5 year plan

Finally, the final and big 23rd life lesson I have learned in my 23 years of life!

 I am finally 23!

I think it is the perfect time for me to start my 5 year plan, because in 5 years I will be 28 years old, and hopefully by then I would have achieved all my goals.

A 5 year map out plan is good for everyone no matter what age, because 5 years is not a long time, but enough time to accomplish all your goals. So that is something I am currently working on.

Until then, I am excited for my journey and the future! And learning some new important life lessons along the way!

I hope you enjoyed this read! Don't forget to grab the affirmations freebie!
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