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5 Amazing Tips to Develop a Positive Mindset

September 12, 2020

Develop A Positive Mindset With These 5 Mindset Hacks

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Well hello there!

I believe developing a positive mindset is important to our overall mental health. A Positive mindset ultimately determines the thoughts we think on a daily basis and how we live our lives.

I will share 5 tips to develop a positive mindset!

Practice Gratitude

The first thing you want to do when starting to develop a positive mindset is to practice gratitude. Making a habit of being grateful for the things you have in the present moment will allow you to become more humble and appreciative for the things in your life.

Something I do to practice gratitude often is to wake up every morning and just speak out loud or write in my journal everything on my mind that I realize in that moment I am grateful for.

Honestly it puts a smile on my face and makes me optimistic for the day ahead! Because I know I am waking up to another morning and another day of having what I am grateful for.

This creates a positive mindset, because you aren’t complaining about what you don’t have yet (which is living in a negative mindset & a mindset of lack). When you know what you have is enough you will be grateful for the things that are yet to come in your life.

Ultimately the abundance will overflow.

Check out my post on the 15 Fun Gratitude Journal Prompts.


Doing this sets the tone for your entire day!

Incorporate Positive Affirmations

 When I use affirmations, I naturally come up with ones that sound believable to me and has a purpose.

Sometimes I write them down, and other times I just tell myself it one time and that’s it. I’ve become accustomed to speaking and thinking positive words, statements or phrases to myself that it just becomes a natural habit for me.

If you are just starting out with using affirmations I have a list of simple, yet practical words of affirmations that will help you begin with a positive mindset. 

Practicing positive affirmations in your day to day life… is life-changing and you will quickly see how the way you think and speak shifts. 

“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day”

Think on the bright side to develop a positive mindset

Another tip to a positive mindset is to think the best is yet to come. Set the intention that something good can come out of a negative situation.

There’s always a solution to any problem, and thinking and behaving this way will make all the difference.

Since, I practice controlling my thoughts, how I react to things, and knowing how to manifest I always try to assume the best case scenario of every single thing.

I do this by visualizing a scenario in my mind of how I want something to play out and usually it does. If it doesn’t I just keep assuming the best I want to experience and persist in that changed reality regarding the situation or circumstance.

With that said, the best tip I can give is to try reacting and thinking a different way to things than you normally do and see what happens! Imagine yourself thinking and speaking about things on the bright side and really sense what that would feel like and act upon it.


Be mindful of the noise that surrounds you

An important habit you want to be mindful of when developing a positive mindset is to become aware of who you listen to in your life.

For example, your friends, family, and the music that you listen to.

“You can not experience a positive life by surrounding yourself with negative individuals”

What you feed your mind essentially can affect your mood, behavior and even how you think. In order to develop a healthy mindset it would be recommended to be conscious of your social media followings and who you surround yourself with.

Read a positive book, listen to an encouraging podcast, watch a motivational YouTube video, or watch an uplifting and funny film.

A person with a healthy and positive mindset is not easily influenced by the negative, because their mind is trained to think the exact opposite. That’s the difference between individuals who’s outer life reflects a positive mindset than those who don’t.

Practice a positive mindset like a new habit

The final tip I could give you to start developing a positive mindset is to practice all of these tips and make them a habit, a habit you are conscious of establishing into your life.

I know it can be easy to give into negative thoughts sometimes, but once you practice the art of positive thinking and behaving, it will be just as easy to give in to those thoughts as well.

Now, all of this doesn’t mean you have to be “happy” and “go-lucky” 24/7, by all means that in itself is just not in our human nature. We all get sad, angry and feel these unpleasant emotions but they are necessary to have as well.

It is being able to come out of these emotions with a positive mindset to push forward!

I hope you enjoyed this read! ​
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Marissa Belle
3 years ago

I love that little quote with the rainbow. Thank you for sharing, we could all use a bit of positivity during these tough times 😊

3 years ago

Reading positive affirmations is one of my top favorite forms of self-care!

3 years ago

Helpful tips to develop positive mindset. Making these positive things a habit is most important.

April Haynesworth
3 years ago

I agree, often times I unplug from social media because it can get hectic. We must protect our peace and retain our joy. Without peace and joy you can’t help anyone. Thanks for sharing

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