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7 Simple Minimalist Lifestyle Ideas for a More Fulfilling Life

August 16, 2023
Minimalism: More Than a Trend

The term minimalism has been thrown around on social media for several years now. Some might say that it’s a trend that hasn’t seemed to die down. Besides, we often see minimalism in interior design, fashion, art, and in a practical household. But minimalism, and a simple minimalist lifestyle, is more than a fleeting trend. It is the continuous practice of choosing what matters most to you.

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But What Exactly is a Minimalist Lifestyle?

A minimalist lifestyle involves identifying what is most valuable and essential in our lives and reducing the rest. Minimalist living isn’t just about our physical environment! It involves reducing clutter in all facets of our lives. By reducing clutter in our physical, mental, and digital lives, we have more time and energy to focus on things in life that we value and cherish the most. 

In short, minimalism is about creating a life that is focused on the things you value and removing the things that distract you from living that life. 

In a society that values consumption and things, a simple minimalist lifestyle allows individuals and families to take a step back and be fully present. When we take a moment to enjoy the simple things in life, such as quality time with friends, exercising, cooking, or being in nature, we are more present, intentional, and are less likely to take things for granted. 

What is Simple Living?

Modern living can be demanding! With full schedules, and shiny goals, it can be easy to be swept up in the hustle and bustle culture. Social media has propelled messages into our consciousness of what we need, or what we should do. Many of us may find ourselves comparing our material things and lifestyles to others. However, this hectic, consumeristic lifestyle doesn’t tend to fulfill many of us in the way we hope it will. It can even distract us from what we truly value and the life we really want. 

Learning to reduce the clutter in our lives and live more simply, and minimally, can help us take steps towards a more meaningful, fulfilling, and intentional life. 

Simple minimalist living is about: 

Time with people over things.

Enjoying the small things in life.

Being content with what you have.

Being present.

Benefits of Minimalist Living

Minimalist living, through practice and patience, comes with an array of science-backed benefits. As you implement minimalist living into your routines, you may notice some of these benefits. 

Reduced Stress

Studies have found a direct correlation with clutter and cortisol levels, which is the hormone responsible for stress. When we reduce clutter in our lives, our cortisol levels are likely to decline, helping us feel less bogged down and stressed. 


It’s no secret that consumption and consumerism play a negative impact on our environment. When we buy more things and add more materialistic items into our homes and lives, these items will eventually end up in the landfill. By choosing to buy fewer things, or buying intentionally, and making use of things we already own, and recycling, we can reduce the use of natural resources, and our waste. This is a great step to protecting our environment!

Productivity and Focus

Did you know that disorganization can reduce your cognitive function? One study found that when there are more objects in sight, your brain works harder to “filter” them out, which can make you feel more tired. When there is less mess and clutter, it allows our brain to focus better on the task at hand without having so much distraction. 

Less Spending

By carefully choosing the products you need, and by reusing and recycling with intention, you are less likely to spend money unnecessarily, which will save you money in the long term!

Better Sense of Wellbeing

Minimalism ties in with mindfulness. When we are more mindful and intentional about the items and materials we allow into our lives, we are more likely to find value in the things that matter to us most. By establishing a more meaningful life, through practicing a simple minimalist lifestyle, you can have a greater sense of control and order with your environment, and can improve feelings of autonomy, and mental space. All these things are elements that we need to feel happier and have a positive outlook on life. 

Cultivating a Simple Minimalist Lifestyle

So, with all that said, what steps can you take to become more minimal in your lifestyle? 

I have put together 7 simple minimalist lifestyle ideas so that you can start living like a minimalist and live a more intentional, meaningful life that is true to YOU.

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ps. this book is a great guide that provides practical strategies to lead a minimalist life!


Declutter, One Room at a Time

It can be hard to know where to start! But you have got this. Start with the easiest room in your space. With each item, ask yourself, can this be repurposed, reused, or recycled? Can you donate it? 

Create a Routine

Mess is inevitable in busy lives. Create a routine, that works for you; one that allows you to clean and maintain your space regularly. This will help you keep on top of clutter, without it becoming so overwhelming!

Don’t Always Say Yes.

We all know the feeling of a jam-packed schedule, and someone asking us for our time or help. You can say no. It’s a tricky one that often takes a bit of courage. But understanding and honouring your boundaries, noting how much you can fit into your schedule, will allow you to be more mindful about how you choose to spend your time. This is a great way to remove mental clutter and reduce stress! Saying no can be empowering! You can do it! 

Try a Capsule Wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe contains a limited number of clothing pieces that can be mixed and matched. This is a great way to take up less space and clutter and reduce clothing waste. It’s also a great way to feel less overwhelmed when choosing an outfit of the day, because you don’t own so many pieces. 

Create a List of your Priorities.

What do you value the most? Do you like cooking a nutritious meal each evening? Or getting out in nature daily? What about painting, or reading? Or simply spending time with loved ones in a clutter-free living room? Your priorities will be personal and unique to you, and they will help frame your reasons for reducing the distractions around you. 

Purchase with Intention

You can reduce the number of things coming into your home and life by being conscious and intentional about what you buy. Do you really need that extra mascara when you have three at home already? 

If the item doesn’t have a purpose or use in your home or routine, maybe consider leaving it. 

Practice Gratitude. 

Take the time to notice and appreciate the little things. The taste of your coffee. The smell of fresh air. Or your friend who made you laugh so hard your tummy ached. When you focus on being thankful for the little things, it can reduce the cycle of wanting more, newer, and better. It’s great to take a step back, and notice what you already have. 

Mindfulness and Minimalist Living

Remember, minimalism doesn’t have to be a scary and overwhelming. It is simply the practice of making mindful choices about what matters most to you, setting boundaries, and reducing distractions. By taking mindful steps to a simple minimalist lifestyle, we can help care for our environment and establish a more positive, grateful outlook on our lives. 

Let me know in the comments how you plan to start living a simple minimalist lifestyle!

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