Est. 2020


I'm Katryna

I am a Colorado-based creative and entreprenuer. I live my life by taking one day at a time and living with intention. I started this blog to inspire others to consciously manifest their lives and to create a life by design… not by default. Come along this journey with me on self-improvement, creativity and well-being.

Here's my story...

My name is Katryna Pona, I am a 20-year old something and I am college graduate from Colorado State University of Pueblo (Whoo-Hoo!). I received a degree in Mass Communications/Journalism and a minor in Spanish. I was born and raised in Colorful Colorado, in the city of Colorado Springs.

My Why, my purpose, my reason...

What inspired me to create my blog (which I am very proud of and is one of my greatest and challenging accomplishments) is because I love to write, hence why I studied Journalism. I love hearing peoples stories and telling them. But, away from the journalistic aspect, I want to report on subjects I am passionate and wildly obsessed with. This is the place I can be creative and make that happen and what better way to do that by sharing my passions, my experiences and my knowledge with you, for you!

K Inspires

K Inspires is a resource for young adults in the 21st century, whom are wanting to enhance their lives, and to be guided on how to build and create a healthy, meaningful and purposeful lifestyle. 

My discovery and experiences with the philosophy, the Law of Attraction has served as a stepping stone for me in my “spiritual journey”. This philosophy has introduced me to the term, “manifesting” which means to create or bring something into existence.

For many years, I applied the Law of Attraction principles into my life to help me create the life I wanted by consciously manifesting, and intending things into existence. I thought being consistently positive and “raising my vibration” was what was required of me along with desire, intending, affirming etc… in order to manifest my desires.

However, it wasn’t until I came across the teachings and lectures of the greatest spiritual mystic named Neville Goddard. Studying his work, I COMPLETELY realized what manifesting was and the true nature of what it consists of.

So, in this blog I want to share my knowledge and experiences with manifesting based on the foundation of Neville Goddard’s teachings, my own personal experiences and other similar manifesting enthusiasts and mystics.

You can learn more about my journey, my plans and visions for this blog here

The possibilities to a happy, peaceful and successful life are limitless. Are you ready to create it?!