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How To Manifest Anything Using The Scripting Method: 3 Effective Approaches

January 6, 2021

How To Manifest Anything 
Using the Scripting Method

Scripting is one of my favorite ways to manifest and this technique was my first experimental success at the very beginning of my manifesting journey. Scripting and manifesting (consciously) has allowed my desires to come into fruition. In this post, “How To Manifest Anything Using The Scripting Method”. I want to share with you how you can use the scripting method to manifest all your desires.

I follow Neville Goddard and (youtuber) Joseph Alai very closely on education and knowledge on all things manifestation. All my topics in relation to manifestation are mainly based on knowledge from these two spiritual teachers. Now let’s get into one of the most powerful manifestation technique… scripting!

What Is Scripting?

Scripting in manifesting is a creative process in which an individual writes out their intentions or desires in order for them to “manifest” and fulfill itself in the 3d world or reality.

This is done by writing a script, scene or scenario that implies that the desire has already happened. Writing in the present or past tense, (I prefer past tense) is what creates the scripting routine by assuming the desire has already manifested. Once the desire is written and realized the seed of the desire has been planted as Joseph Alai would say.

Writing anything down with intentions of wanting something to happen is in itself a good way to impress the subconscious mind. Impressing the subconscious mind is what makes things manifest itself in the outer space of our world.

How Does Scripting Work To Manifest Anything?

Scripting is a great way to manifest and it is fairly simple!

There are few ways you can go about scripting.

Before you begin scripting, you must be clear and define what you want before constructing a scene and writing it down. After doing this, write or list out what you want (make sure you are writing as if you already received or are consistently receiving something) in past or present tense.

Writing as if it has already occurred impresses or tricks the subconscious mind into thinking that what you want is real and is present in your reality. Therefore, the desire must be realized and show up in your world.

Now, there are a few ways you can go about strategizing your scripting routine.

3 approaches to take when scripting...

Use only one of these three approaches whenever you script or mix and match them every once in a while. If you really want to know how to manifest anything, I suggest testing these techniques!

Script it & Forget It!

  • Have a desire.
  • Plant the seed of the desire by constructing a scene, scenario, list etc.. and be clear on what it is you want, and write as if its already taking place or has taken place.
  • Set it and forget it by putting your journal or list away, and don’t ponder back on it and go about your day.

Journal & express gratitude

  • Have a desire.
  • Plant the seed of the desire by developing a story in the present tense by giving and expressing gratitude for having already receiving the desire you possess.
  • After you are done scripting you can read it back in your mind throughout your day ( a few times a day) and feel the intensity of it as if you have it now.
  • Once you reach the feeling of contentment, you can accept it is done and put it away.

Revisit The script

  • Have a desire
  • Plant the seed of the desire by constructing a scene, scenario, list etc.. and be clear on what it is you want, and write as if its already taking place or has taken place.
  • Go back to what you wrote and revisit it a few times a day to invoke the feeling of what it really feels like to have your desire if it was actually realized.
  • When you no longer feel the need to go back to it, you can stop the process.

If you’re just starting out in scripting, I would recommend trying all these approaches to experiment and prove to yourself that it works!

I can say I have tried all of these approaches and it works! The most effective approach for me is to script and forget it, and writing what I am grateful for in the present, and past tense for things not yet in my reality but will be.

I think journaling out gratitude for things you do have now helps with gaining more things to be grateful for. Either way it works! Every once in awhile I mix it up with these approaches, and the important thing is to do what feels right and natural.

What you need to know about the process of manifesting after scripting.

One thing I learned during my journey is to not force yourself to script or feeling like you “need” or “have” to do a certain technique. These are just some simple examples on how to go about scripting that are effective to help you manifest all your hearts little desires.

And just know some desires may manifest within seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or even years after you script it out! My first script manifested within hours and then there were others that took weeks, months and years!

Don’t fret if it doesn’t happen right away.

It doesn’t mean that it isn’t working, sometimes certain desires take longer time to fulfill itself due to bridges of incidents that occurs to get us there when the time is right.

Once you put your desire out to the universe, the seed is already planted and the manifestation process begins right after you intend it to be!

So, no need to take action or  force anything to  happen, it will reveal itself to you in due time. Just trust the process! I hope this post helped you how to manifest anything with the scripting method.


Let me know in the comments on how you like to script to manifest your desires!

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1 month ago

Before I even knew what this was, i literally wrote a film script about who in my mind was my soulmate, with very specific interests, characteristics, symbolism. And a few years later, he is in my life, and it is unmistakably him. Now that I have evidence of how powerful this is and what it is called, I will start applying it to maintain the relationship we have now! Thank you for this guide

1 year ago

Tried the first one and it already happened, the same day haha

3 years ago

Been manifesting financial abundance for a while, seen some results 🙂 Will definitely try the scripting method, it seems easy enough. Great post!

Syedah Shifa
3 years ago

Wow! This was a great read. Loved the idea of scripting and manifesting. I’ll definitely try this.

3 years ago

I’ll surely try this with my goals this year

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