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How to Manifest what you want with the Law of Attraction

February 1, 2020

How to Manifest What You Want With the Law of Attraction

Hello beautiful creators and manifestors of life!

As you know from my about me page and my welcome to K Inspires post, I am hugely and widely obsessed with the philosophy the Law of Attraction (LOA). If this is your first time being introduced to this new thought or you have been trying to understand the basic principles and how to apply it to your life then you have come to the right place!

In this post I will briefly explain what the Law of Attraction is and how you can manifest what you want using this law.

What is the Law Of Attraction (LOA)?

The Law of Attraction is a new thought philosophy, which promotes the belief that positive and negative thoughts brings about circumstances, events, and situations into our lives that of which reflects what we are thinking. So, if you think positive things, then your world outside of you will reflect that. If you think negative things, then your world outside of you will reflect that as well.

The Law of Attraction is simply a belief based on like attracts like through a process that one energy attracts the same energy.

What if you want to control your thoughts and consciously bring about things into your world that you actually want? This is when you start manifesting things on purpose. We all have the ability to manifest. It is just most people don’t recognize this power. In turn, they end up manifesting negative and positive things without taking control of what they’re manifesting.

I firmly believe that we can all live the life of our dreams. And we can all be who we want, and have what we want. Imagine living life on your own terms and creating it on your own terms, rather than living on auto-pilot thinking your ‘fate’ is already set. You can determine your own fate.

For example, if you constantly think that you are not good enough, then your outer-world will constantly present things or people in your life that will confirm your thought of ‘not being good enough’. Your reality will continue to confirm whatever you think and feel. Until you learn how to control your thoughts and start shifting your mindset your reality will change.

Basic principles of manifesting what you want:

You may have heard of the saying “Ask, Believe and Receive”. It comes from scriptures in the bible…

Mark 11:24– ” Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive [them], and ye shall have [them].” (KJV)
Matthew 21:22- ” And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” (KJV)


The first step to manifesting what you want is to have a desire. What is is it that you want?

Determine that first and then make your command to the universe, the universe responds to your thoughts and feelings. Also, make sure to be clear and specific on what you want. The universe will be able to present to you with exactly what you want when you’re specific.

Note: You only need to ask ONCE! In the beginning of my journey I felt the need to re-affirm what I wanted to make sure the universe was listening. What helped re-assure me that my requests were sent out to the universe was to think of it as placing an order.

For example, when placing an order on Amazon you know that your request has been sent for that order. You know you will eventually receive the product. We don’t place an order and doubt that it has been received, and then place it over and over again to make sure. You know the first time it is a done deal.

This concept is the same thing as asking the universe. You are placing your order with the universe. The first time you ask and plant your desire, that is the last time you need to do it.


The second step to having a successful manifestation is to believe your desire is coming to you.

This step can sometimes be a challenging one, because you really need to relax and have unwavering faith when waiting for your desire to manifest. You need to really have a change of thinking.

Our current reality isn’t fixed and it is just a current state based on past thoughts and manifestations. Anything can really change at any moment, so make some affirmations to help. Live as if you have what you already want, know it is yours and avoid thinking and experiencing the lack of it.

Your desire was planted the moment you asked for it. Like a plant you don’t constantly go back to kept watering it or it will die you just let it be. Just trust the process. Play make believe in this step and think, act and speak as if your desire was here.

Note: Also, in this process you need not worry about the how. For example, avoid pondering on how your desire will come or how it will work. It is not our job to worry about how our desire is going to come, or what must happen for it to come. It really doesn’t matter as long as we get the end result.

There is nothing for you to work out or try to make (force) happen. When we do this it puts out energy into the universe that we don’t trust it enough to let the universe bring us what we want. The universe knows exactly when the appointed hour will be.

The moment you set your intention or desire, immediately you will notice your world shift. Whatever that shift may look like the universe will place certain people, circumstances, places and events to show up in your life. Naturally it will take you to your desire.


The third and final step is receiving the desire.

This step is the most fun, in my opinion… well the whole creative process is!

In the process of receiving all you have to do is be grateful for the things you do have. And to stay in the present. At this stage you are fully confident of your desire and you are just living your life until you witness you desire in the 3D world. You are ready to receive.

Note: When you are ready to receive and are living your life to the fullest this is when you may partake in action towards your desire. I’m not talking about forcing yourself to take action, because you need to, to make things work. I am talking about inspired action. 

Inspired action is effortless and natural. This type of action just compels you to do something, kind of like an intuition. Normally when this happens is when you come very close to receiving your desire. When you’re so in the moment sometimes you won’t realize that your desire has come if it isn’t so obvious at first.

When you look back you’ll know it was inspired action that got you to your desire.

I hope you enjoyed this read! And stay tuned for more manifesting posts.


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John Mulindi
4 years ago

This is a very inspiring read, many readers will benefit alot from this. Thanks for sharing with us.

4 years ago

Working on starting to do this more. Thank you for sharing. Bookmarking this to refer back to!!

4 years ago

ALL SO TRUE! Great post in LOA

4 years ago

Great post! We create our lives with our thoughts – as a man thinks so he’s he.

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