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The Power of Manifestation: Understanding the Basics

August 3, 2023

“There is no limit to your creative power” Neville Goddard

Let’s dive into this post on the power of manifestation…

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation is the process of bringing one’s desire, goals, or intentions into reality through focused thoughts, beliefs and actions. It is based on the idea that our thoughts and emotions can influence the outcome of events, attracting positive or negative experiences into our lives.

As humans, we are always manifesting whether we know it or not (consciously or sub-consciously) . If you want to learn how to successfully manifest and create your world intentionally, you would want to be able to manifest consciously. Conscious manifesting means that you’re manifesting things with purpose, meaning and intention. 

As a result of this, you’re ultimately setting your outer-world up for success in experiencing things that you have put in place through setting intentions, affirming and assuming things to happen as they should or how you want them to be.

Our current reality is dependent based on our inner thoughts and conversations, everything from within must be presented outward. It is really important to be mindful of our inner feelings and thoughts, because they will internalize and show up in our present reality.

At the end of this blog post you will have a greater understanding of manifestation in a way that makes sense. This is the perfect post to read if you’re new to manifesting or want to gain a better understanding of the power of manifestation and how manifestation works! 

Is Manifestation real?

In my opinion, I believe Manifestation is REAL… even if other’s don’t believe in it, I feel that it is real in all of our lives. Despite what others may believe, manifestation is very real in my reality. The only way to prove to yourself that Manifestation is real is to test out manifestation techniques for yourself. There are so many different ways to test out if Manifestation is real.

Here are a few things I have manifested throughout my life. 

  1. Specific Person– Yes you can manifest love or a friendship with a specific person, in fact I have manifested relationships and connections with people I wanted to experience some sort of romance or intimacy with!
  2. Multiple contests– I have won concert tickets (which I still haven’t used til this day) from the radio station, and a scholarship prize!
  3. Jobs– I always end up receiving the jobs I put applications in for
  4. Free drinks & foods– There have been several occasions where I would end up receiving free coffee, free donuts or even a free meal by some stranger offering to pay for it!


No manifestation is too small or too big to achieve. And really, it’s best to think of all manifestations the same as far as how achievable they are to have or experience, because the way you manifest a free cup of coffee is the same way you can manifest a specific person or the house of your dreams. 

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How does Manifestation work?

In simple terms, manifestation works by bringing something tangible into your life through visualizing, attracting, and assumptions. Having a desire and knowing that you will receive it will put the universe in motion in bringing it to you in your current reality!

You may hear many different versions from different teachers in the manifestation and “law of attraction” community! In the beginning of my manifestation journey I was introduced to the “Law of Attraction” which is how many of us come to know about the power of manifestation philosophy. It wasn’t until I came across the great American mystic, Neville Goddard!

His philosophy of manifestation consists of interpreting scripts from the Bible that relates to how we create our own realties. We, ourselves are God and we have the power to change the concepts of our lives through imagination, assumptions and believing we are gods and creators of our world! His work resonated with me so much more than practicing how to manifest through attraction and vibrations, even though that is a way most people find success through manifestation as well. However, I like to explain manifestation based off the teachings of Neville Goddard the most!

I think no matter how you plan to practice manifestation, if you get results from whatever method or teachings you listen to, then that’s what matter the most. As long as you can get to a point of realizing your power as a creator and master manifestor then you’re good as gold to achieving any desires. 

Check out this Instagram post, I created on “Manifestation Simplified” this is the most powerful manifestation technique. This is just one of MANY, but the best way to manifest and make it simple in my opinion. most powerful manifestation technique

Ways to use the power of Manifestation

As I mentioned there are many ways to use the power of manifestation, there’s many techniques out there to start practicing and testing out for yourself if they really work or not. Here is a great post on  25 Manifestation Techniques to start trying out today!

Write in a Manifestation Journal

I highly recommend getting a cute manifestation journal to write your desires in the past and present tense! Scripting is a really relaxing and powerful way to bring your desires into reality. The pen is POWERFUL! Just like how you speak things into existence, you’re writing them into existence! And I literally have the perfect post that explains 3 different ways to go about scripting your desires out!

Common misconceptions about manifestation

Here is a great reading all about the biggest manifestation myths that are blocking your desires!  I agree that these myths can really hinder your perspective, belief and progress with manifesting your desires. This is a MUST read in order to get those myths out of your head now so it will become clearer and more effortless for you to achieve your dreams and goals! You want to feel as good and confident as you can be when it comes to manifesting. You really have nothing to lose, if you’re still a bit skeptical or not sure about manifestation… I really encourage you to just pick a technique to try out and test it for yourself. 

Reminder: be patient and have faith when it comes to manifesting. Once you have a desire and intend on it to happen, the universe is doing its work behind the scenes to make it happen, in the most perfect and natural way as possible. Have faith that you will receive what you’ve been asking for, in due time. Go about your life as you currently would, and watch things unfold! Sometimes it happens when you least expect it and you will be amazed!

Happy manifesting! Feel free to message me if you want to discuss your manifesting journey!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments about this post!

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