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Welcome to my blog K Inspires! (Introductory post)

December 16, 2019


Hello beautiful people and magnificent creators!

First of all,

I just want to say I am officially a blogger, and I am so excited for this new journey! Thank you for being here and getting a chance to know more about me, who I am, my journey so far and this blog!

Who Am I?

Growing up I was always known as the shy and quiet kid from my classmates, teachers, friends and family. Always being known and given the title from others as “shy” or “quiet” my whole life, I have never thought of it to be a positive trait or attribute to my personality.

As a result,

I didn’t think of it as a compliment, but rather a flaw in my personality. Now at the age of 22 I still get the same comments. However, I came to realize there is nothing wrong with being shy or quiet. I know who I am, I am an individual who is observant, and who thinks before they speak.

Also, I am skilled at listening to people and their stories, and an introverted human being. I found out that I express myself better through writing, and through creative outlets.

Vision Statement:

This blog exists to inspire young people and help guide them to live their best lives and becoming the best versions of themselves. In the future, I see my blog becoming successful, inspiring, and helpful for a lot of people. In conclusion, I see my blog becoming a business for future endeavors.

Long-term goals/plans:

  • Sell products/services
  • Working with companies I love and am interested in
  • Working with other bloggers/You tubers
  • Teaching, educating, and inspiring people

Mission Statement:

My responsibilities and commitment is to educate, inspire, to be honest, trustworthy and reliable to my readers.


I want society to view my blog as inspiring, positive, enlightening, and empowering.

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